We focus on what the best value for the customer. Our action is responsible and contributes to make the world better place and solve issues with Information Technology. Even though the time goes by, we keep our spirit of creating new solution.

「お客様にとって本当に価値のあるもの」を一番に考え、 IT技術と行動力で社会に良い影響を与え、貢献の幅を広げる組織を目指しております。 いつの時代も、ワクワクするものを創り続けることを心がけております。

What we do

What we can do for you

WEB solution

Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the daily business. We build technology to enhance and simplify the business.
We create Web system and operate it in daily basis. In addition, we strategically develop marketing and promotion strategies. We provide the best web solution in response to various needs.


EC consulting

We develop and operate unique system for e-commerce and find the best full solution for our clients. With in-house experts in e-commerce, we provide unique opportunities in order to streamline variety of assignment and solution for clients.


Foreign brand distributor & negotiation

We undertake the negotiation with foreign clients and we are able to import your merchandise through our distribution channel. We present our variety of foriegn clients for you in order to find your business opportunity.


Corporate profile

double aste, inc. provides full-service web solution that specialized in web development in Tokyo, Japan. Each client has different needs and issue, we support to enhance and maximise their business value



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